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This Farmers Market directory came about because I saw a need for a website that had all the Farmers Markets listed within the UK. There were websites that had Farmers Market listings for England and Scotland but I could not find a site that had them all in the same place. I decided to be the person to create such a site, and here it is.

There are also many other reasons why I have decided to create this Farmers Market directory, and these reasons are related to the methods of intense farming used in or modern society. All the problems that these methods create, such as pesticides in our food, environmental damage and many others.

Below is some information about why we should shop at Farmers Markets, how to prepare for the Farmers Market, enjoying the Farmers Market and advice on what to look for in certain foods:


Why Buy From A Farmers Market?

  • You can buy your food directly from the producer at a Farmers Market, and this enables you to ask as many questions as you like about his produce.
  • You are supporting the local economy when you buy from Farmers Markets.
  • There is a higher nutritional value of fresh produce found at Farmers Markets.
  • The prices are favourable at a Farmers Market and you can ask for samples, recipes, nutrition and preparation information.
  • The produce tastes better from a Farmers Market because it is fresher. It did not come from a warehouse it came from a farm!
  • Fresher produce means more health benefits for you and your family.
  • It can help your kids and other kids understand where the produce comes from.
  • You can buy bilk amounts of produce from a Farmers Market.
  • The convenience of shopping in one location is amazing and there is a pleasant social atmosphere which is great!
  • You can talk to the farmers and share ideas etc.
  • It provides some farmers with their livelihood, and without these Farmers Markets they would not be able to farm.


Perpetration for the Farmers Market - Before you leave home:

Check this website or any other Farmers Market directories to find your nearest Farmers Market, make sure to note down the times etc and contact them if necessary.

Take your own bag, shopping basket, etc to carry your purchases in.

If it is a really hot summers day its a good idea to keep a cooler filled with ice in your car, this will help to keep your produce fresh during the drive home.

Go as early as you can because you will find the best selections at this time.

Don't make a list - go without one, just plan your meals around what is available and what you buy, but be careful not to buy too much! (as I always do)


While you are at the Farmers market - Enjoying it

Take a good look round first and see what there is, don't buy until you have walked around all the market.

Every week try and buy something that you have never tried before, this will help you to broaden your recipes etc.

Talking to the farmers is one of the best things about shopping at a Farmers Market, building relationships and sharing knowledge.

Take your children with you, because there are many children out there who have no idea what foods look like in their natural state and where the food comes from.

Make sure you have fun! Farmers Markets can be great places for all the family to learn new things and try new foods.


Advice on what to look for in certain foods:

Always look at the end of the asparagus and if it is dry and shrivelled it means it is old.

Beets are best eaten right after they have been picked like sweet corn, because the sugar in them gradually turns to starch.

Green beans
Try this 'old timers' trick - if they stick to your clothes it means they are fresh.

Summer squash
Look at the stem end of the squash, and if there is juice coming out of the stem it means it is really fresh.

Look for the pods that are filled out but not so you can see the shape of the peas.

Take a look at the background colour between the raised netting, it should not be greenish, it should be tan or gold.

Again take a look at the background colour, it is this that gives you a clue to the ripeness. It should be golden yellow with no hint of green.

The drupelets (the little sacs that make up the berry) should be large and plump, and a ripe blackberry has a sheen to it.

Again look for a shiny berry because this means it is fresh, if it has no shine then its likely that it has been off the plant for several days

Hold the watermelon like a baby and slap it on the bottom! The sound it makes should be like you're hitting a jug of water.



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