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There are many other farmers markets websites with other really useful information and resources. I have listed a few of the main ones below. Plus any other useful resources I decide to include.


National Association of Farmers Markets
Offers a directory of Farmers Markets and other useful information about farmers markets, such as news and views, help getting a farmers market started, links and more.


The National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association (FARMA)
This website is a co-operative of farmers and producers offering produce on a local scale and farmers markets organisers. Working throughout the UK representing direct sales to customers through farmers markets, farm shops, Pick-Your-Own, on-farm catering, home delivery and farm entertainment. It is the largest organisation of this type in the world.


The Farm Retail Association
Has lots of useful information and a directory for finding a farm selling its produce direct.


Scottish Association of Farmers markets
This website you can find out where the farmers markets are held, what is sold and who takes part. Also offer other useful information such as news and useful links.


The Soil Association
A wonderful website offering vast information about organic food, also have an organic directory, and many many more useful things.


Northumberland Farmers Markets
Offer listings for farmers markets in Northumberland.


London Farmers' Markets
London Farmers' Markets: Fresh Food for London, Direct from the Farmers who Grow it. Information about London farmers' markets.


Big Barm
BigBarn - The Virtual Farmer's Market. Use to find your local food producers.


The Foody
The Foody UK & Ireland Regional Farmers Markets .Where to find your local farmers' market, simply choose the area.


Other Useful Websites:


A great place to find resources of any kind, including organic food and farmers markets websites.


This website offers lots of useful things such as news, local information, weather, TV, radio, and much more.


Offers everything you need to know about the world news.
The best search engine on the web at the moment - lots of great things to find in their index.



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