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Extra Farmers' Markets for Exmouth

Exmouth farmers' market have now got to hold five extra farmers markets in the Strand Gardens, due to overwhelming demand from fresh produce.

The extra farmers markets start on Saturday May 27th from 9.30am - 1.30pm, and the following date are: June 24th, July 29th, August 26th and September 30th.

Children visiting the farmers markets with their parents can get their face painted for free, and you can also sample the foods on offer.

Because some people are unable to shop during the week, the demand of these farmers markets has risen. The extra markets have been arranged for these people.

The vice-chairman of Exmouth farmers markets, Andrew Freemantle has said, "we have had many requests for a regular Saturday market from those who work during the week. In response to this, we asked our producers if they would be willing to attend an extra market on a Saturday during the summer months. The producers were eager to do so."

The Exmouth farmers' market won the 2004 title of Best Farmers' Market in Devon, and it is now in its fourth year.


Call for Farmers Markets

Go on start your very own farmers market!

Many local organisations are being encouraged to start their own farmers market. This idea is being promoted by the Government Office for the East of England, or GO-East as they are known. They are hoping to see more farmers markets held all over the country in the coming summer months.

The rural team leader for GO-East, Alan Bell said, "The impact of Jamie's School Dinners on attitudes to healthy eating, and our understanding of where and how our food is produced, has given a boost to local producers and local supply chains."

There are many farmers markets, farm shops and fruit and veg box schemes around Cambridgeshire and the East of England, and they are growing from strength to strength.

So go on and start your very own farmers market!

For details, call (01223) 372764



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