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The Advantages of Organic Food

Organic food is better quality food than commercial food, there are many reasons to eat organic food and here are just a few of the most important ones. Take a tomato for example, commercial growing methods for tomatoes and such use pesticides to keep away their natural enemies - to stop them destroying them. However, organic tomatoes have not had any pesticides used in their farming. In the whole organic farmers use natural pesticides to keep their crop safe, this pesticide is safe and does not take away any quality of the tomato. Because of the use of these pesticides in commercial farming, fresh produce UK such as tomatoes loose lots of their nutrition.

Another important reason why we should eat organic food such as organic tomatoes, is because organic food is picked when it is ripe, unlike commercially grown food. This may seem like an fairly unimportant reason, but it is actually very important. Because the organic food is picked when it is ripe, it gets the chance absorb all the trace minerals and vitamins from the soil, unlike commercially grown food. What the consumer gets from a commercially grown tomato is a vegetable/fruit with very little vitamins and minerals . The organically grown tomato in contrast is packed full of vitamins and minerals and has a taste that no commercially grown tomato can match.

Another benefit of eating organic food is that the body can get all its needed vitamins and minerals from smaller amounts of food, there is no need to eat lots and lots of food to get all your minerals and vitamins. There is no way that commercially grown foods could match the amount of vitamins and minerals obtained through organically grown foods. An example of this is, an organic tomato has four times as much vitamins and minerals than a commercial tomato. So instead of eating four commercially grown tomatoes to get your needed vitamins and minerals , you only have to eat one organic tomato. I once read that a farmer said that an apple grown 100 years ago, would today have been 50 times the nutritional value of a commercially grown apple. This statement may not be true but just imagine if it is, how much more nutrition you would get from your food.

In organic farming the quality of the soil is very important. Commercial farming has very poor quality soil due to the continuous farming. The soil is left exhausted, which means that it contains very little trace vitamins and minerals for the vegetables/fruit to absorb. This means that the food grown in this
exhausted soil is merely just a 'food filler' and has very little nutritional vale. Commercial farmers do add commercial soil additives to help this problem however, they can never replenish the soil of all its nutrients. One of the best ways to replenish soil with nutrients is with kelp, this organic item works wonders to replenish the soil of its nutrients.


Why Should you go Organic?

Organic food helps the environment and enhances your quality of life.

The best way to start out with your organic food diet is to look round all your local farm shops, farmers markets and other organic shops. Start buying and enjoying the organic food, there is a huge variety so make sure you experience it all! Buying organic food for yourself and your family (if appropriate) you are choosing the healthiest way to nourish you and your family, and help save the environment.

Organic food offers so much more than just healthier food, grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides, and the kind treatment of animals, that are not pumped with antibiotics. The more you eat and buy organic food the more you will realise about how thew food is produced, and about the
people who produce it and sell it. This will all add to the experience of cooking and eating organic food.

As you start eating and buying organic food you will become more aware of the issues surrounding commercially grown food. Like animal welfare and environmental issues. There are other issues to be considered when buying food, think about coffee for example and the issues surrounding it. The horrible working conditions, and issues that the coffee worker has to go through and the environmental exploitation. When you realise the facts surrounding all these things you will be converted for life. Because when you choose organic food you not only get a sense of well being, but you are also helping to make things better for others and for our environment.

Organic food today is available mainstream so there is no excuse not to buy. because of all the variety there is something out there for everyone.


Getting Started

To begin with you don't need to switch totally to organic food to start enjoying the amazing products on offer. Wether you start with a bunch of organic grapes from the supermarket or an organic loaf of bread, or even something from your local farmers market. This is all positive action and will give positive feelings. There are many people who say that once you start eating organic food you wont want to go back, because of the flavour. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the organic food front:

  • Every time you go shopping buy at least one organic item.
  • To start with buy everyday items like milk, bread, pasta and potatoes.
  • Buy something new every week.
  • Take advantage of seasonal and promotional offers.
  • Buy local - go to farmers markets or join local box schemes

Here are some ways you can find out about local box schemes:

Contact The Soil Association, and you can order 'The Organic Directory' which costs £7.95. This guide gives you a complete listing of all organic suppliers, including box schemes and home delivery. Compiled and edited by Clive Litchfield in association with the Soil Association - Tel: 0117 929 0661

Local food directories - There are local food directories published in certain areas, if you ask your local agenda 21 officer at your council you should be able to find out if there is one for your area. You may even get advise on local box schemes.

Why not try arranging a visit to an organic farm. You can do this through The Soil Association Organic Farms Network, Tel - 0117 929 0661

Go to your local Farmers' Market, take a look on this website to find out where they are.


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